Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Plainfield, ILThe retaining wall is an important hardscape feature in your property. It serves as your primary protection from soil erosion. Eroding soil can cause massive damage to your landscaping and other permanent structures in your home. You can also use this feature to improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. When designed by professionals, the beauty of certain features and other landscape elements are easily highlighted. So if you want to install retaining walls in your property, make sure that they are designed and installed by professionals like us.

With Innovation Landscape, Inc., you are assured of an exquisitely designed retaining wall that is also sturdy and long-lasting. We use only top-quality wall blocks from leading suppliers to ensure the integrity of every wall that we build. Our impressive portfolio is our guarantee to you that we are real experts in this particular area of hardscaping. We've already installed countless retaining walls in Plainfield, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, Orland Park, Wheaton, Oswego, Plano, Tinley Park, and Chicago, IL. Contact us today to get a free cost estimate.

Retaining Wall

Every retaining wall project must be carefully planned and installed only by licensed and certified contractors. The wall is a permanent feature, so putting it in the wrong location may affect the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. It may also cave-in if the design is not well-planned or the materials used are inferior. But hiring experienced contractors like us will prevent these errors and problems.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Most of the retaining wall blocks today are made from the finest raw materials. Block manufacturers use modern production methods to guarantee the quality of each wall block that they produce. They also offer them in various designs, textures, colors, patterns, and sizes, so clients like you will surely get the perfect wall block design for your retaining walls.

Building a Retaining Wall

The location is another important factor to consider when building a retaining wall. Areas with steep slope may require a different type of wall design to meet the lateral pressure from the soil. Sometimes, structural reinforcements are needed to improve the wall's capability to hold large amount of soil. It is also important to determine the soil condition since the latter can affect the integrity of the wall to be installed. At Innovation Landscape, Inc., we also consider the height, length, and function of the retaining wall that we will build for our clients. Our aim is to provide clients with durable retaining walls that are also stunning and functional.

Retaining Wall Design

The retaining wall design should not only focus on the aesthetic aspect of the feature. The wall's capability to hold large amount of soil must be the primary focus of your builder. A poorly designed wall may sag or collapse during extreme weather conditions or fortuitous events. This could lead to costly damages, particularly to your landscaping and other structures in your property. It may also endanger the lives of your loved ones.

If you need competent people to handle the construction of your retaining walls, please contact us at Innovation Landscape, Inc. Rest assured that your project will be handled only by our certified masons and seasoned builders. Call us now at (815) 557-0473.


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