Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Plainfield, IL

All types of landscapes must be maintained properly and regularly. The flower gardens, lawns, shrubs, and trees require extra care to make them healthy, lush, and attractive. You have to perform various maintenance tasks, such as mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and weeding. In addition, they must be properly irrigated to stay well-nourished and healthy. Meanwhile, the hardscape features should be cleaned, sealed, or repaired to maintain their beauty and function properly. You also need to take care of the other landscape elements, such as water and fire features, outdoor living amenities, shade structures, and other masonry features around the landscape. With these enormous tasks, you really need the help of a professional landscape maintenance contractor.

At Innovation Landscape, Inc., we can be your partner in maintaining the beauty and functionality of your landscape. We have several years of experience in the landscaping industry, so we can perform with utmost proficiency all the maintenance tasks that you may require. We have in our team seasoned landscapers with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape maintenance. Our company is duly licensed and certified, so you are guaranteed that the people working on your landscape are real professionals. Call us if you're from Plainfield, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, Orland Park, Wheaton, Oswego, Plano, Tinley Park, and Chicago, IL. We have people who can be immediately dispatched to your location to perform your needed maintenance task.

Lawn Care

The softscape is the most sensitive element in your landscape. You have to devote much of your time and effort to ensure its proper growth and health. Failure on your part to perform proper lawn care could lead to dying plants and turf, brown patches on your lawn, pest infestation, and disease-prone grass. You can avoid these things from happening by hiring an experienced landscape maintenance firm like us. We can take care of your lawn all year round and make it the most attractive spot in your landscape.


There are several approaches and techniques that can be used to maintain the beauty and functionality of your landscape. You can install an automated irrigation system to take care of the needs of your plantings. An automated irrigation will ensure that your lawn and plantings will get the right nourishment at the right time and interval. You can also add native plants or drought-resistant plant varieties to reduce the need for frequent irrigation. With a carefully planned landscape maintenance program, your landscaping will be in tiptop condition all year round.

Lawn Maintenance

Every property owner should adopt a comprehensive lawn maintenance plan. It will ensure that the lawn and other landscape elements receive their needed care. Here are some of the tasks that we highly recommend:

  • lawn mowing
  • edging
  • flower bed maintenance
  • fertilizing
  • weed and pest control
  • core aeration and dethatching
  • disease control and treatment
  • yard cleanup
  • resodding or seeding

Lawn Care Service

As mentioned, maintaining the beauty and function of your lawn or landscape is not an easy task. Your best option is to get the services of professional and competent people. And here at Innovation Landscape, Inc., we are your best option. Our lawn care service is the best that you can find in Illinois. It is customized according to the needs of your lawn and your budget. Please call (815) 557-0473 to get more information about the other landscape maintenance service that we offer.


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